Tips for Marketing your Business on YouTube

Maximizing YouTube for Business Marketing

The Internet provides an almost endless variety of marketing opportunities and the ability to drive our business in the right direction. One of those opportunities is found on one of the top websites on the Internet, YouTube. More more frequently, people are watching videos and that is a fact that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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If you are marketing your business on YouTube properly, you may find that you are growing quite quickly. Use the following 4 tips to help push the needle in the right direction and keep it moving.

1. Look Beyond the Campaign

Have you ever felt as if you are only living for one particular campaign and what it is over, that particular aspect of your marketing is over? This is a relatively common occurrence online and many businesses seem to promote an incentive of some form or another by then they allow their marketing die out once that incentive disappears. That is not the way that you market on YouTube.

YouTube is all about providing value for your customers and for those that you would like to have as future customers. When somebody goes on YouTube and begins looking for videos, they don’t want to see a flashy, transparent marketing video. They want to see something that is fresh, new and perhaps even a little bit viral. Be sure that you are adding something unique to YouTube in your marketing efforts and you will go far.

2. Use the Long Tail

When it comes to SEO, many businesses fully understand the value of the long tail. Rather than simply focusing on the largest keywords that are available, you can focus on some of the longer, less often used keywords that are much easier to target. In doing so, you may not get the massive amount of traffic from a single keyword search but collectively, they can send an amazing amount of traffic your direction.

Something similar is also true on YouTube. Don’t focus on a single audience. You can go wide on YouTube and benefit. Try to approach your audience in such a way and it will work well for you.

3. Branding

If you never tried branding before, it’s time to do so once you start marketing on YouTube. When you have one video that works out well for you, you can see an increase in your subscriber base almost immediately. Continue to brand your business using this video channel and people will recognize you as being a leader in your field.

4. Be Fresh

If you are simply rehashing old information and videos, you are not going to attract a fresh audience. You need to ensure that you are keeping everything as relevant as possible and continue to put things online that are up-to-date and on the cutting edge. That is what people are looking for and it is not only going to get you new eyeballs to look at your videos, it’s going to push new customers in your direction.

The Simple Importance Of Building A Large Customer Base From The Onset

The Importance Of Building A Large Customer Base From The Onset.

When starting a cleaning service business, it ‘s nice to have a huge pool of customers from the onset. Although most businesses start with a few clients and then increase their base with time, having a head start is essential and will ensure your business is ahead of its competition. Your customers are the ones who determine whether your business picks up of fails. An engaged and loyal customer base will help you get more clients for your cleaning business even faster, build and sustain your revenue stream, as well as a few other things.

Below are some points highlighting the importance of having a large base from the get go.

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Repeat Business.

A cleaning company relies on its sales for revenue. A business that sells service contracts in a sporadic manner may find it hard to plan and budget for its operations since the revenue cannot be predicted. A large customer base helps solve this problem by repeat buying. From this vast base, you will see that a huge percentage of the customers will be consistent in hiring the services you offer regularly. This is the backbone of selling and will assure you of a certain amount of revenue in a month or fiscal year. Having a consistent and repeated income allows you to plan for your future operations efficiently.


A large customer base gives your business a better chance of reaching out to more people and expanding the base. Loyal customers are always instrumental in spreading the word and becoming self-proclaimed brand ambassadors. Customers who hire a new cleaning business have a sense of belonging and feel obliged to help the business grow. Provided their experience is positive or the products and services you are offering are excellent, they are more likely to share this information with their peers. They help spread the word to people who may be unfamiliar with your business.

Normally, customers do not like buying their goods and services from places where no one is buying. Having a huge customer base from the start will put a huge statement across the market. Undecided customers could see from social media like Facebook and other platforms the number of people buying your goods and be prompted to try them out as well. With these influence, you will see an increase in the number of people buying from you within no time.

Economically Sound.

Analyzing a large customer base on an economic perspective, it will be seen that it is more economically sound to have an enormous loyal customer base from the start. It is less costly to retain an existing customer as opposed to getting a new one. Existing customers are more valuable than new ones. It is evident that for you to hook a new customer, you need to incur some advertising or product promotion costs. With the existing customers, all you need to do is to maintain the quality and customer satisfaction rates.

Allows You to Fine-tune Your Operations.

You improve your business when you gather the metrics and pay extra attention to what your customers are saying. You may be doing things in a particular way and find that your huge customer base is focused in another way of doing business that you have not channeled enough time and resources into. The feedback you receive from them helps you realign your purpose and direction in a bid to focus your energy on what works best. These customers act as your first group of moderators who point out where you go wrong. Receiving this critique from a customers’ side is crucial since some clients will simply walk away as opposed to criticizing you and pushing for change.

Puts You Ahead Of The Competition.

Unless you are offering a unique business or service, your business will face some stiff competition. The number of customers is limited, and all the companies are striving to hook a huge percentage of these clients. With a huge customer base, you already stand ahead of your peers as the loyalty will make customers choose you when trying to select between business with similar products and price points.

From the things discussed above, it is evident that having a huge customer base from the start is invaluable. It will help your business reach its targets and make the required number of sales while it is still new in the market.

Discover How To Use An Ezine In Your Business

Discover How To Use An Ezine In Your Business

When someone first starts writing a Blog they begin hearing people talk about having an Ezine and they often wonder what it is and how it can help their business. An Ezine can be thought of as an extension to your blog. They are both effective tools for communicating with those who are interested in the topic that you’re covering. Here we will take a look at how to use an e-zine in your business.

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Is There A Difference Between An Ezine And A Newsletter?

While there is a difference between an ezine and your blog, a newsletter is just another name for your ezine. Your ezine or newsletter is an opportunity to keep in regular touch with all of those who have visited your website. When they come to the website you should give them an opportunity to sign up for the newsletter which will come once or twice a week to their inbox.

A good ezine will be more than just be a commercial that advertises products for sale. A good newsletter that consumers will be interested in receiving every week will include antidotes, success stories, quality information that adds value for the reader, the writer’s personal viewpoints, an opportunity to share your expertise, and then, of course, it will sometimes include a recommendation for a product that you’ve created yourself or for an affiliate offer that you believe will give your readers real value. The e-zine is also an opportunity for you to lead your readers back to your blog by giving a short excerpt of a new blog post and then a link to that post.

Your Blog

Your blog should be a part of your website and not something that is separate from it. In the same way, the ezine or newsletter is an extension of your blog. The blog should get updated on a regular basis. Ideally, it should be updated at least a few times a week. Every time that a new blog post is made the Ezine should include a link to that new post.



By keeping the information flowing and giving readers an opportunity to re-engage with you on a weekly basis will significantly increase the traffic to your website and the opportunities to increase your business. It’s also the perfect tool to build trust with your readers. When they’re getting high-quality information from you a few times a week and much of it is given freely to them they will begin to trust you.

Once your readers trust you then when you make a recommendation for a product of yours that you think will help them they will strongly listen to that and consider it. When you make recommendations toward an affiliate product they will listen to that equally well.

Starting An Ezine

An Ezine requires an autoresponder. An autoresponder is an email marketing system that allows you to capture the emails of those that subscribe to your e-zine and then to set up an automated system of sending out your weekly newsletter. Some of the more well-known autoresponders include AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and others. These services will require a monthly fee but some of them have a free trial and at least one of them offers a free service up to a certain amount of subscribers.

It will be important that you use a quality autoresponder service because you will be building a list of subscribers and these subscribers will ultimately become your customers and for that reason, you don’t want to lose them. As you build a bigger and bigger list it will become more and more important because you will be able to drive massive traffic anytime you want to your website or to an offer.

Just as it takes a rocket that is designed to go to the Moon half of its fuel just to get off the ground while the other half is able to take it all the way through the Earth’s atmosphere into space and to the Moon and back to the Earth again, it’s the same with building your list. It will take a great deal of effort to build up a substantial list but once you have it, the momentum will allow you to grow your business exponentially.

Tips To Market Your Services Online

Tips To Market Your Services Online

The internet has become an absolutely vital part of every day life. While there are people who think it’s a luxury, the simple truth is that most people use the internet for just about everything in life. Either their work requires internet access, or they use it for at home relaxation, or they use it as an entire research library, or most likely they use it for all three.


What this means in practical terms is that any business that wants to be successful has to know how to market online. This is not as simple as it sounds, either. Online marketing isn’t the same as traditional marketing, and if it’s approached in the same way the marketing will fail.

What’s so different about online marketing? And how do you approach it correctly?

Online Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

With traditional marketing, things follow a fairly straight forward pattern. You figure out what services you can offer. You figure out what kind of people want your services. You design a campaign to advertise those services. You then target your potential market by passing out flyers, buying ad space in magazines and newspapers, and perhaps making a commercial and renting a few billboards.

With online marketing, you still follow the first three steps. That is, you get a solid idea of what services you’re offering. You identify the people who want those services. And then you create a marketing campaign to advertise those services.

However, when you figure out what services you’re offering you also have to consider whether or not you can offer them online. Not every service is suited to an online market. Can you promise quick delivery time? Can you ensure people have multiple ways to contact you? There’s nothing wrong with simply marketing online but offering services in the physical world. You just have to decide which you’re going to do.

When you identify the potential audience for your services, there’s something you must keep in mind. If you’re offering those services over the internet, then your potential audience is global.

This means your marketing campaign has to take into account the various potential cultural differences. This isn’t as difficult as it may seem, especially if you decide to only target a portion of the potential market. Sometimes, accepting that you can only make some of the money nets you more than trying to make all of the money.

How Online Marketing Differs

The major difference between online marketing and real world marketing is the tactics used. In traditional marketing, you might make a commercial or pass out flyers. Buying space to put out magazine and newspaper advertisements is also useful.

Online, ad space is almost useless. Years of underhanded marketing tactics and poor quality control has led to people installing ad blocking software or simply ignoring ads all together. Commercials are slightly more useful, but only if you can make them in such a way as to convince people to search them out.

So how do you market online? By using search engine optimization and social media marketing. The basic idea is to create a “home base” for your company. This needs to be a well-designed website that gives a clear idea of who you are and what you offer.

Then, optimization tactics allow your website to get to the top of the search engine rankings. Studies show that around 92% of people who search for something on Google don’t go past the first page. Around 53% never even go past the first three links! So if your website isn’t up there, then you’re not getting noticed.

Social media marketing involves understanding how to interact with the various social media websites. Twitter isn’t for the same kind of communication as Facebook, for example. This is where the term “viral’ came from. If you can get people to pass around your website, then you’ve made it.

Unfortunately, using SEO and social media marketing isn’t exactly easy. This is why it’s important to hire a professional SEO firm if you want to get it done right. It requires regular attention to current search trends, as well as current optimization tools. Since those change regularly, it’s probably a better idea to hire an agency than to try to learn everything in-house.