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The Simple Importance Of Building A Large Customer Base From The Onset

The Importance Of Building A Large Customer Base From The Onset.

When starting a cleaning service business, it ‘s nice to have a huge pool of customers from the onset. Although most businesses start with a few clients and then increase their base with time, having a head start is essential and will ensure your business is ahead of its competition. Your customers are the ones who determine whether your business picks up of fails. An engaged and loyal customer base will help you get more clients for your cleaning business even faster, build and sustain your revenue stream, as well as a few other things.

Below are some points highlighting the importance of having a large base from the get go.

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Repeat Business.

A cleaning company relies on its sales for revenue. A business that sells service contracts in a sporadic manner may find it hard to plan and budget for its operations since the revenue cannot be predicted. A large customer base helps solve this problem by repeat buying. From this vast base, you will see that a huge percentage of the customers will be consistent in hiring the services you offer regularly. This is the backbone of selling and will assure you of a certain amount of revenue in a month or fiscal year. Having a consistent and repeated income allows you to plan for your future operations efficiently.


A large customer base gives your business a better chance of reaching out to more people and expanding the base. Loyal customers are always instrumental in spreading the word and becoming self-proclaimed brand ambassadors. Customers who hire a new cleaning business have a sense of belonging and feel obliged to help the business grow. Provided their experience is positive or the products and services you are offering are excellent, they are more likely to share this information with their peers. They help spread the word to people who may be unfamiliar with your business.

Normally, customers do not like buying their goods and services from places where no one is buying. Having a huge customer base from the start will put a huge statement across the market. Undecided customers could see from social media like Facebook and other platforms the number of people buying your goods and be prompted to try them out as well. With these influence, you will see an increase in the number of people buying from you within no time.

Economically Sound.

Analyzing a large customer base on an economic perspective, it will be seen that it is more economically sound to have an enormous loyal customer base from the start. It is less costly to retain an existing customer as opposed to getting a new one. Existing customers are more valuable than new ones. It is evident that for you to hook a new customer, you need to incur some advertising or product promotion costs. With the existing customers, all you need to do is to maintain the quality and customer satisfaction rates.

Allows You to Fine-tune Your Operations.

You improve your business when you gather the metrics and pay extra attention to what your customers are saying. You may be doing things in a particular way and find that your huge customer base is focused in another way of doing business that you have not channeled enough time and resources into. The feedback you receive from them helps you realign your purpose and direction in a bid to focus your energy on what works best. These customers act as your first group of moderators who point out where you go wrong. Receiving this critique from a customers’ side is crucial since some clients will simply walk away as opposed to criticizing you and pushing for change.

Puts You Ahead Of The Competition.

Unless you are offering a unique business or service, your business will face some stiff competition. The number of customers is limited, and all the companies are striving to hook a huge percentage of these clients. With a huge customer base, you already stand ahead of your peers as the loyalty will make customers choose you when trying to select between business with similar products and price points.

From the things discussed above, it is evident that having a huge customer base from the start is invaluable. It will help your business reach its targets and make the required number of sales while it is still new in the market.